Three from Deux

A while back, I asked for recommendations on yaoi titles that meet my impossibly picky standards. In this week’s Flipped, I talk about three books from Deux that I really liked, so thanks for all the feedback, and special thanks to Deb Aoki for passing along some yaoi bounty.

3 Responses to Three from Deux

  1. danielle leigh says:

    lovely choices — Yugi Yamada is a favorite of mine and “Future Lovers” one of the best yaoi available in English. By the way, I’m happy to report there is a second volume of Future Lovers and it looks as though Deux plans to publish it in the Spring.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    Oh, good to know! I thought the second story was really by-the-numbers, but the main piece was so brilliant that I didn’t care. And I’m really excited that Matt Thorn will be translating another est em title for Deux.

  3. jun says:

    I’ve been really impressed by Deux’s offerings so far. Even “Ruff Love,” which I reviewed for Manga Recon and expected to find rather icky, ended up impressing me. For kind of the same reasons you mention—the protagonist had friends, he had a job, he had a writing project to work on, so there was other stuff in his life besides an adorable dogboy.

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