Comics Rx: Jamie Coville’s entry

Here’s Jamie Coville’s prescription for the comics industry:

“Often we are trying to bring non-readers into the comic industry. Either by getting them into a comic book store or hoping they visit the graphic novel section of the bookstore. This is extremely difficult and it typically takes a media event to do this. Buffy Season 8, Captain America dies, Obama and McCain bio-comics. This is great and more of the same should occur.

“I think the opposite also needs to be done. We need to bring the comic industry to non-readers. Now more than ever as traditional outlets begin to feel the pinch. Putting GNs into bookstores has helped publishers by giving them an additional revue stream. I think we need to find more places to put comics, and use formats that fit those delivery systems. Traditional comics wouldn’t work in bookstores and while I love GNs and read them almost exclusively, a different format would likely be needed in different markets.

“One avenue I’m really surprised no company has taken advantage of is breakfast cereal. Don’t tell me Spider-Man Sugar Pops or whatever wouldn’t sell to kids. Especially if there were a Spider-Man comic book inside as a gift, with an ad for a subscription and say the next issue in cereal boxes 1 or 2 months later. The same could be done for Naruto and any other character that appeals to kids (Bone, etc..). If something like this could be worked out it would be a great way to reach children.”

3 Responses to Comics Rx: Jamie Coville’s entry

  1. Keath says:

    The idea of putting the next issue in a box a month or two later is genius! With the extra incentive to pick up more product, the cereal company might chip in on the comic cost! And there are plenty of writers who are more than capable of putting out an all ages comic.

    Great one Jamie!

  2. Anyone else remember when Captain Crunch did something along those lines? I have to admit to being a little cautious about using junk food as cross promotion, as I think it’s going to be the focus of a lot of negativity. But I have no kids, so I am a bit stumped as to what kids read-do-eat these days. do kids still play with regular toys?

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    The last box of Cheerios I got included children’s books with the covers showing through a cut-out on the front. Not ideal for people who eat them for the fiber and cholesterol benefits, but a neat idea all the same.

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