Comics Rx: Matthew’s entry

Here’s Matthew’s prescription for the comics industry:

“Refocus on quality instead of quantity. 300 Wolverine titles a month is oversaturation. Also end the mega- summer- cross-over events that will change the publisher’s universe forever. The few issues between events that don’t actually deal with the events seem like tossed-off filler. At the very least, don’t do the big events every flippin’ year!”

6 Responses to Comics Rx: Matthew’s entry

  1. Keath says:

    Marvel claims to put quality over quantity, which is their go-to excuse for why books are routinely late. Apparently, Marvel and most of its readers have a different definition of “quality” 🙂

  2. That wasn’t actually my entry. Not that I’m claiming it was a work of genius or anything, but I did try to use some medical metaphors that probably didn’t make much sense. And I would have gone with “fucking” rather than “flippin'”, since I don’t truck with cutesy half-swears, no sir.

  3. Actually, for ease of use, here’s the entry I sent:

    “Amputate those gangrenous old sections that aren’t worth having around (lame, overserious superhero comics, mostly, although I would think that’s really just a little toe). Then, graft on some extra (robotic?) limbs in the form of more imports: more adult manga, more manga about esoteric subjects, more European comics, more comics from other corners of the globe that deserve recognition (India? Africa? South America?). Finally, replace the aging heart of the direct market with something futuristic (I don’t know what exactly; that’s for the scientists to figure out. But it should involve more genres, wider appeal, and easily-usable digital distribution). There you go: one cyborg patient, ready to march on into the future.”

    Feel free to take that with a grain of salt; I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

  4. davidpwelsh says:

    There was actually another Matthew who entered. Awkward! And don’t think I’m not still going to post yours, Mister Man.

  5. Whoops, I should have just waited. I’m too impetuous!

  6. And that’s probably the first time I’ve been called Mister Man. What a strange feeling.

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