Comics Rx: Michael Jewell’s entry

Here’s Michael Jewell’s prescription for the comics inudstry:

“My RX for the ailing comix industry?

“Creators: Plan conventions strategically. Hold your nose and keep cozying up to the mainstream lit press. Forget even thinking about relying on the Movie boom (for a bust, she’s a comin’). Be proud of what you do and never apologize for being a cartoonist. Make yourself a stiff drink.

“Publishers: Don’t turn your nose up at the manga boom; exploit it, but don’t really exploit it. Do it right. Quit it with the anthologies. Scale back floppies, step up trades and GNs. Don’t be afraid of change. Stop fucking your artists over. Seriously. Oh, and the movie point should apply especially to you. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (majors) and don’t spread yourself too thin (small press).

“Press: Chill out. Everything’s cool.

“Take this and call me in the morning.”

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