Comics Rx: Judah Alt’s entry

November 29, 2008

Here’s Judah Alt’s prescription for the comics industry:

“For a healthy future, the comic industry needs to embrace the digital world. This means offering content online, and offering premium edition higher-end products for dedicated true fans. Stuff like the ‘absolute’ editions and opening chapters of comics.

“They need to sign up with a ‘Kindle’ provider once a digital, affordable, and high quality variation comes around. Right now Kindle is a great idea, but the execution is bad. The next Kindle generation will likely catch on more, and the comics industry should be there.

“Otherwise, low res scans of series available for free (at least the first volumes) would be a great way of getting people introduced to the stories/comics. Sort of like the Baen free library. But for comics. I’ve bought of books I wouldn’t have from reading Baen’s online content, and I don’t see comics being any different.”

Comics Rx: Laethiel Mazake’s entry

November 29, 2008

Here’s Laethiel Mazake’s prescription for the comics industry:

“Regarding niche titles, localizers/publishers need to show that they won’t leave fans hanging. A policy of ‘This didn’t sell enough, so we won’t publish the rest of it (even if that’s only one or two more volumes)’ may cut losses on that one title, but it leads to a lack of trust that similar titles will continue to be published. This naturally leads to fans being leery of purchasing niche titles that may not be continued, lowering the sales numbers on new niche titles enough that they also get dropped, continuing the cycle. Of course, it’s also up to readers to buy good titles so that they’ll keep being published, but that becomes hard to justify if a company has a record of dropping series in the middle.”