Oldies, goodies

Deb Aoki is still going strong with her manga polls over at About.Com, this time asking readers to vote for the Best New Edition of Classic or Reissued Manga of 2008. Strong as the field is (though it’s sad that there’s only one eligible title by a woman), I had to go with Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo (Vertical), which was funny and moody and tragic and bizarre in that singularly Tezuka way.

Speaking of Tezuka, Matthew J. Brady has a great back-and-forth with his younger brother Noah, over at Warren Peace Sings the Blues. Tezuka features prominently in the discussion, and while neither demonstrates proper reverence for the Creepy Little Tumor, the Dororo love is rewarding.

2 Responses to Oldies, goodies

  1. Man, that latest poll is a tough choice. I also went with Dororo, mostly because I haven’t read Black Jack yet. But I also loved Slam Dunk and One Pound Gospel.

    I’m not sure what my final verdict on Pinoko will be; we’ll have to see when I get around to reading and reviewing those volumes. I was curious what his take on her would be though. I loved that he liked Tezuka so much.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    It was definitely the toughest category to date, though I suspect the one-shot will be kind of difficult as well.

    And I loved that he liked Tezuka too. Not to put too much pressure on your brother, but it was nice that someone who isn’t steeped in the stuff responds to Tezuka’s comics inthe same way. Plus, in terms of age and gender, he’s kind of in the comics’ original target demographic.

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