Upcoming 1/14/2009

I’ve gotten the year right three weeks in a row. Go, me!

Time again for a quick look at this week’s ComicList:

Okay, now how exactly did this title slide under my radar? Ghost Talker’s Daydream (Dark Horse), written by Saki Okuse and drawn by Sankichi Meguro, triggers both my “not for me” alarm and my “this is too bizarre to not at least sample, even if I’ll never feel clean again” alarm. An albino virgin dominatrix who sees dead people? It’s like Lady Heather from CSI crossed with The Ghost Whisperer. Reviews have been mixed, but morbid curiosity threatens to overpower good sense on this one. The third volume is due out this week.

In much more familiar territory, Viz unleashes a hailstorm of some of its best shôjo titles, from Nana (volume 14) to High School Debut (volume 7) to Sand Chronicles (volume 4) to a bunch of others that are regarded very warmly by fans and critics but that I have yet to sample in depth because there are only so many hours in a day.

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  1. thirstygirl says:

    Those are my 3 shoujo-crack titles, and Viz is the pusher…I’m not even pretending to try keep my wallet in my pocket with those three hitting the stores.

    Question out of nowhere- have you tried The Young Magician? It’s a CMX title that Lianne, at Sleep is for the Weak, raved about and it’s seriously *very very good* indeed. I am amazed it seems to have flown completely under the radar.

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