Con Jobs II: This time, it’s personal

If you only do one thing at NYCC this year, buy a copy of My Mommy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill at the Fanfare/Ponent Mon booth. If you only do two things at NYCC this year, attend “News Flash: Teen Girls Read Comics” on Friday morning, then score a copy of Buffalo Bill. Here’s the official description from the NYCC program:

The wider media still seems to be amazed that female readers are a huge part of the boom in the manga market, but while the stereotypical manga and anime fan has long been the male otaku, we know that women are making massive contributions to fandom, the industry, and beyond. This panel will discuss the state of women in the manga industry, female fans within the manga community, and just where we might go from here in supporting and advocating for the media we–both women and men–love.

I realize that this is old news for most manga fans, given the robust sales of Fruits Basket, Kitchen Princess, and Vampire Knight. But I still encourage you to attend, as I think the panel will be fun and thought-provoking, and will feature three of the smartest manga lovers I know: Brigid Alverson, Robin Brenner, and Tricia Narwani. The details:

Newsflash: Teen Girls Read Comics!
Friday, February 6th
10:15 – 11:15 AM
Room 1A24, Jacob Javits Center
Hosted by Brigid Alverson, Robin Brenner, Katherine Dacey, and Tricia Narwani

For a complete list of panels, screenings, and events at NYCC 2009, click here. Special thanks to Robin Brenner for organizing the panel and inviting me to participate–this is a genuine honor!

3 Responses to Con Jobs II: This time, it’s personal

  1. […] anyone else who will pay me. If you will be there on Friday morning, be sure to stop by the panel Newsflash! Teen Girls Read Comics, which will be moderated by Robin Brenner and feature Kate Dacey, Del Rey’s Tricia Narwani, […]

  2. Jim Chadwick says:

    Hey, I would love to attend this panel but unfortunately I have a meeting offsite that overlaps. Darn. Sounds like this should be interesting. Oh well.

  3. Katherine Dacey says:

    And I’m sorry I’m going to miss the CMX panel–I was looking forward to hearing more about CMX’s 2009 line-up!

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