The godfathers

Via Vertical comes pointers to a neat site called Worlds Without Borders: The Online Magazine for International Literature. Click through to see…

  • A chapter from Osamu Tezuka’s Black Jack (Vertical)
  • A chapter of Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s A Drifting Life (on Drawn & Quarterly’s slate for later this year), featurning Tatsumi’s first meeting with Tezuka
  • A blog entry on the manga market and the job outlook for Japanese-to-English translators from Vertical’s own Editorial Director Yani Mentzas
  • And, as they say, much, much more. Neat stuff, and an intriguing site.

    One Response to The godfathers

    1. James Moar says:

      Couple of thoughts:

      In the Black Jack story, you might think Tezuka is using his talent for comedic exaggeration in portraying rush hour on the Yamanote line. Nope, that’s pretty much what it’s like.

      I’ve seen a performance of a Golden Bat paper play, as mentioned by Tatsumi. Very basic plotting, but interesting stylistically in that it feels like the missing link between the Gothic and Flash Gordon, with a mystical sword-wielding hero opposing evil scientists with ray guns. Golden Bat’s a very strange hero, dressed in a military uniform, with a flaming golden skull for a head, and given a deep creepy laugh by the performer that made one of the kids in the audience call for her mum.

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