I hope ICv2 releases a little more information on how it calculated its 2008 graphic novel sales figures, because a 17% drop in manga sales? Ouch. And the development certainly demands more scrutiny than pointing the finger at those Twilight books.

4 Responses to Anemia

  1. J.M. says:

    My guess’d be scanlations. We hear it all the time in the manga section of our store: “Can I borrow a pen and some paper? I wanna write down some titles to read online.” Needless to say, we never have pens or paper available.

  2. Matt Blind says:

    My guess’d be Borders — how large a chunk of overall manga sales went through the registers at Borders? say, 17%?

    When retailers begin to report final 2008 results in March we’ll have a much better idea of what and how, and maybe why.

  3. J.M. says:

    I want to amend my first comment to include Matt’s. He’s right. With a behemoth like Borders increasingly cutting back on their manga, the overall numbers were sure to drop.

  4. Did you happen to see that Comics Worth Reading had a bit to say about this? (And did you stop by to wish them well, too?)

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