Friday fun

In her latest “All the Comics in the World” column at comiXology, Shaenon K. Garrity asks comics professionals the all-important question, “If you could take only one comic to a desert island, what would it be?”

During the small handful of acting classes I took in college, I was always accused of “playwriting” during improvisational exercises… needlessly complicating the task with lots of self-indulgent extrapolation. Nothing has changed, obviously, since I immediately asked myself, “Well, okay, but will I be using it for recreational reading to distract me from my plight? A possible source of fuel? A weapon?”

Of course, the obvious answer for all three purposes is Jeff Smith’s Bone: One Volume Edition (Cartoon Books). I can read it over and over again, it’s heavy enough to use as a cudgel against wild boars (though a hardcover edition would probably hold up better), and, should the situation become really dire, there’s plenty of pulp in there to use as a starter when I try and fire up the driftwood, though I would be extremely reluctant to use it in that manner.

2 Responses to Friday fun

  1. ryan says:

    Indeed. If we’re talking ONE tome (and not, say, one series) then the Bone all-in-one is my choice too, hands down.

  2. Huff says:

    If we’re talking one series, Cerebus would be the logical answer. An abundance of brilliant, hilarious, thought-provoking material to make the time pass plus a good amount of bullsh!t to fuel the fire.

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