I’m just saying

February 12, 2009

Okay, all due credit and respect to Grant Morrison, but this whole “mad ideas” thing? It’s older than that.

Exhibit A:

Defenders Vol. 1 Issue 35

Defenders Vol. 1 Issue 35

This comic, written by Steve Gerber, features the introduction of a Communist neurosurgeon super-heroine, a super-villain trapped in the body of a baby deer, brain transplants, spirit transplants, and attempted body snatching.

If anything, the cover actually understates the weirdness of the story within.

(Self-indulgent update: I thought about linking to this yesterday, but I’m never sure how tacky it is to link to my own posts. Anyway, in 2005, I wrote at rather needless, spoiler-filled length on Gerber’s Defenders run here.)