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Okay, all due credit and respect to Grant Morrison, but this whole “mad ideas” thing? It’s older than that.

Exhibit A:

Defenders Vol. 1 Issue 35

Defenders Vol. 1 Issue 35

This comic, written by Steve Gerber, features the introduction of a Communist neurosurgeon super-heroine, a super-villain trapped in the body of a baby deer, brain transplants, spirit transplants, and attempted body snatching.

If anything, the cover actually understates the weirdness of the story within.

(Self-indulgent update: I thought about linking to this yesterday, but I’m never sure how tacky it is to link to my own posts. Anyway, in 2005, I wrote at rather needless, spoiler-filled length on Gerber’s Defenders run here.)

3 Responses to I’m just saying

  1. Brian Cronin says:

    Yeah, people do often seem to tie Morrison a bit too much to the whole “mad ideas” angle, when writers have been doing “mad ideas” for decades!!

  2. james says:

    The Defenders of the 1970s certainly had their share of weird ideas. Those off-the-wall, what-were-they-thinking?-storylines can make it easy to overlook the thoughtful depth of the series.

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    Definitely, James. I think Gerber’s ability to use those elements to tell stories about politics, culture and identity in the midst of these crazy action yarns reinforces Steven Grant’s point about mad ideas being used in a context and for a purpose.

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