So in Monday’s column I expressed the opinion that it seemed unlikely that Diamond could make the decision to de-list a thousand Viz books without some participation of the publisher. Based on what a Viz source told me, it seems “that this was purely a decision on the part of Diamond.”

The same source also stressed “these manga titles are still being published, and will still available through other substantial channels such as Simon & Schuster, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, AAA Anime and others.” (I added those distributor links, just because.)

4 Responses to Unilateralism

  1. chris says:

    I am utterly unsurprised by this decision. I continue to be disappointed. Thanks for following up, David.

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  3. Brian Hibbs says:

    WRT Baker & Taylor, that does appear (at least through their “West” warehouse) to be “Backorder only”, on the selection of titles that I checked (not all of them)


  4. […] P. Welsh has a great, personal response. And follows it up with the rumour that Viz didn’t have any idea this was […]

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