Duly noted

Tom Spurgeon points to a welcome development at The New York Times: new comics sales figures to further muddy the waters! Suck it, BookScan! You’re so last month. I think weekly lists will be very interesting indeed. Heck, they already are, seeing how seriously seinen-y seinen from Dark Horse muscled its way onto the manga list amidst all the Naruto. I also love how the Times at least kind of explains its methodology right out of the gate instead of treating it like some seven-herbs-and-spices trade secret.

And, via Brigid Alverson, the School Library Journal delivers a report on the New York Comic-Con panel I would have most liked to attend.

One Response to Duly noted

  1. Katherine Dacey says:

    I’m so out of it I didn’t realize you were linking to the article about our panel at NYCC. Thanks for the kind words! The panel was a lot of fun, if for no other reason than to field questions from librarians and teachers who were just beginning to discover manga.

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