Upcoming 3/11/2009

March 10, 2009

A quick look at this week’s ComicList:

I really, really need to do a big catch-up-on-CMX Amazon order at some point in the near future. This week sees the arrival of the seventh volume of Tomomi Yamashita’s Apothecarius Argentum. I really enjoyed the early volumes of this series, created by a manga-ka who trained as a pharmacist, which almost automatically makes it awesome, and the actual content (an interesting story and attractive art) cements the perception.

Even more generously, CMX delivers the eighth volume of Kaoru Mori’s Emma, featuring more short stories about supporting characters. I adored Mrs. Stowner, so I’m especially eager for that chapter. And honestly, even if the book only contained the handful of pages of author notes, it would still be worth $9.99.

It seems to be a pretty good week for those of a nostalgic bent. Even I might not be able to resist the fourth volume of Showcase Presents: Justice League of America, as it collects the introductions of Black Canary and Red Tornado, and they were always two of my favorite members. (And writing their names together, it sounds like some super-tense checkers match on ESPN 13, or something.) I don’t think I actually ever read the stories that featured them joining, but as with the Avengers, I always preferred the cast members who didn’t have anywhere else to appear, allowing the writers to go all soapy with them. I do vaguely remember that DC used to let readers vote on who joined the team next, though even as a child I suspected that they ignored the actual tallies if editorial fiat demanded it. I mean, what else can explain the exclusion of Captain Comet?

Kind of a lean week, really, but Mori makes up for it.