Familiar sentiment

April 13, 2009

That last Amazon-related post was getting ungainly with the updates, and I did want to point to this excellent post at the Vromans bookstore blog:

“The benefit of having a rich, diverse ecosystem of vendors and suppliers has never been more obvious: many sources of information equals choice, and choice equals freedom. It’s actually your freedom that’s at stake here, and putting things back the way they were, fixing the notorious ‘glitch,’ won’t change that. Because your freedom was at stake long before this recent de-listing experiment. Anytime you limit yourself to fewer suppliers, especially of something as vital as information (and if you purchase a Kindle, you’re effectively doing just that, limiting yourself to a single information provider), you’re putting yourself at the mercy of that provider.”

Never can say goodbye

April 13, 2009

Call me a cockeyed optimist or tell me I just can’t let go. I just can’t believe I’ll never see any more volumes of Suppli.