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Over at Sporadic Sequential, John Jakala has a terrific piece on “Addictively Readable Manga” and the qualities that make it so. John also posts a poll with some excellent representatives of this category-spanning group of titles.

The shôjo addict in me immediately thought of some comics in that category that certainly apply, and I wanted to open up a parallel line of discussion. So what, say, five titles in the shojo category meet your “Addictively Readable” standard? Here are some of mine:

  • After School Nightmare by Setona Mizushiro
  • Flower of Life by Fumi Yoshinaga
  • Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya
  • Nana by Ai Yazawa
  • Sand Chronicles by Hinako Ashihara
  • And I’ll throw out one wild card, since I’m not sure how to categorize it but do find it to be a total controlled substance: Wild Adapter by Kazuya Minekura.

    11 Responses to Shojoholics anonymous

    1. John Jakala says:

      I agree about Sand Chronicles. I read the first two volumes back to back and couldn’t put them down. It looks like the next two volumes are available at the library so I’ll have to request those now. (Maybe this will be how I read the series from now on, in two-volume bursts.)

      And I’m very excited that the fourth volume of Flower of Life is finally coming out!

    2. Eva says:

      I can’t believe I forgot ASN when I made my original list. I agree, that one is completely addicting.

    3. Uzzi says:

      I have yet to read Sand Chronicles and Flowers of Life (though I really must read the latter and Banana Fish) but I can absolutely agree that After School Nightmare and Nana are addictive reads. Slip in the entire series of Let Dai, Hana Yori Dango and possible Skip Beat, and I’m good to go.

      About Wild Adapter – it’s hard to say where it’s genre lies, since it was originally published in the BL magazine Chara. Elements of shonen-ai and seinen action and mystery makes it hard to categorize it indeed.
      Oh well, it’s still a fantastic read. =)

    4. jdcarlson says:

      I’m enjoying Nana and High School Debut most right now.

    5. Chloe says:

      Seconds (or is it thirds?) to After School Nightmare, Sand Chronicles and High School Debut. I’ll add to that “You’re So Cool” which seems to be getting progressively more enjoyable with each volume I review and “Tenshi Ja Nai!” which, despite its cliche-ridden premise, somehow charmed the pants off me.

    6. davidpwelsh says:

      Both Debut and Tenshi would definitely show up in my “next five.”

    7. thirstygirl says:

      Top Five- I will/did buy these regardless of money situation
      -Skip Beat
      -Wild Adapter
      -Let Dai
      -Sand Chronicles.

      At one point Click was a must read NOW but then the last volume was SO BAD, in terms of character violation by the manhwa-ga, that it actually managed to taint the entire series backwards and I had to sell my set, unable to ever read it again.

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    11. Deb Aoki says:

      it’s kind of quirky, but i’m totally addicted to Skip Beat! Once you get over the over-the-top introduction in volume 1, you start to really fall in love with this eccentric shojo heroine and cheer for her as she strives to be a great actress. There are some bits of humor that are plain old laugh-out-loud funny, and the two love interests (while drawn with odd proportions and pointy chins) both generate some heat / chemistry with the heroine. The supporting characters are lots of fun too.

      Skip Beat starts off a little odd, as shojo goes, but it’s totally addictive guilty pleasure reading. I rip through each new one as soon as I get it and am left thinking ‘when’s the next one coming out?’ when I’m done.

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