Update your blogrolls

The marvelous Kate Dacey has finally set up her very own blog, The Manga Critic. While I’ll certainly miss her contributions here, I’ve been thinking for ages that she should have her own space on the web, and it’s already off to a great start.

So if you aren’t familiar with her already, go meet Kate, then check out her “What to Read Now” roundtable. Oh, and she tweets, too!

One Response to Update your blogrolls

  1. Thanks again for the kind words, for contributing to the first roundtable discussion, and for letting me crash on your cyber-couch! I really enjoyed interacting with your readers–they’re an exceptionally informed, fun, literate bunch who really kept me on my toes when I was reading a book the riot act. Expect lots of linkage and love from me at The Manga Critic!

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