July 13, 2009


I’m normally not a fan of swapping “tw-” for perfectly good consonants to create an unnecessary new word, but I’ve experienced a feeling I can only describe as “twuilt”: when something someone posts on Twitter shakes you out of your planned, need I add hard-earned, torpor and motivates you to write a manga column after all, even though you were planning on taking the week off.

Anyway, comics-loving librarian Eva Volin noted over the weekend that Yuji Iwahara’s Chikyu Misaki (CMX) is deeply under-appreciated, and while I’d been planning on writing something about Iwahara’s comics eventually, I moved the column ahead in the queue. So it’s now up over at The Comics Reporter.

Since I’m on the subject of the talented Iwahara, how about a poll?

If your favorite hasn’t been licensed yet, feel free to list it in the comments.