I’m normally not a fan of swapping “tw-” for perfectly good consonants to create an unnecessary new word, but I’ve experienced a feeling I can only describe as “twuilt”: when something someone posts on Twitter shakes you out of your planned, need I add hard-earned, torpor and motivates you to write a manga column after all, even though you were planning on taking the week off.

Anyway, comics-loving librarian Eva Volin noted over the weekend that Yuji Iwahara’s Chikyu Misaki (CMX) is deeply under-appreciated, and while I’d been planning on writing something about Iwahara’s comics eventually, I moved the column ahead in the queue. So it’s now up over at The Comics Reporter.

Since I’m on the subject of the talented Iwahara, how about a poll?

If your favorite hasn’t been licensed yet, feel free to list it in the comments.

2 Responses to Iwahara-rama

  1. Sonicbug says:

    I see that you only made it through volume 3 of King of Thorn. The story takes a turn towards the supernatural in volume 4, and things get very strange. Any of the reasons that I had thought might have been the cause of all the monsters turned out to be very off base. (Character development for the leads eventually pops up as well.)

    Probably still not his strongest manga, the ending felt a bit abrupt. It’s being adapted into an animated movie though, I hear, so I’m eager to see how it turn out animated.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    I always have vague plans to pick up where I left off with King of Thorn. There was just too much similar (and superior) competition at the time. But thanks for the heads-up that there are interesting twists ahead.

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