Birthday book: Banana Sunday

The Comics Reporter notes that today is the birthday of the wonderfully talented cartoonist Colleen Coover. To commemorate the event, I recommend you track down a copy of Coover’s Banana Sunday (Oni), created with “Root Nibot.”

BANSUN TPB COVERTo persuade you, I’ll re-quote this line of dialogue from one of the three talking primates whose misadventures drive the story:

“I like to eat! Naptime smiles on Go-Go chest!”

Oh, Go-Go, I can find no fault with your logic, and I won’t even bother to try.

Anyway, the book is about Kirby Steinberg, a new student at Forest Edge High who arrives with three talking primates in tow. Wackiness — the really good kind — ensues. The book is a total charmer, and Coover is key to that:

“The biggest attraction here is the cartooning of Colleen Coover. The apes are adorable, particularly beetle-browed Go-Go. Coover packs the pages with small, funny touches, like the sequence where Kirby and company get ready for school. She has a way with sight gags, too, making excellent use of all of the discarded banana peels.”

Coover has been earning lots of love for her back-up stories in various Marvel titles, particularly those in X-Men: First Class. And I have to say, I would totally buy a collected edition of those stories.

One Response to Birthday book: Banana Sunday

  1. I loved the hell out of Banana Sunday:

    Definitely agree it’s a book to be read and enjoyed, and I second the call for a backup collection of her Marvel work! (mostly so I can read it)

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