Who will buy…

This has been a topic of conversation in the manga-oriented corner of Twitter lately, so I thought I’d run a poll. Note that I said “buy” instead of “read” in the poll’s title.

Also on the subject of classics, or maybe not, if you’re looking for a meaty read on the subject as it relates to the possibilities and perils of establishing a manga canon, click right over to this piece by Kate Dacey at The Manga Critic.

6 Responses to Who will buy…

  1. Katherine Dacey says:

    Thanks for the link, David! I guess it’s not surprise that I would love see more classic shojo available in English, if for no other reason than to trace the development of certain ubiquitous tropes. Heck, I’d love to know which shojo manga first depicted teenagers attending a high school festival!

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    Good grief, that knowledge would be like adding to the fossil record! What pioneer created the foundation that gave us that scene in “Flower of Life”?

  3. Gricomet says:

    I wanted to vote “yes” but I went with the more honest answer of “depends on the property.” I wouldn’t actually buy shojo just because it was old, but would be interested in buying good/foundational stuff. In general I wish we had a more firm historical base for manga and anime. Alot of the time we don’t have nearly the sense of time and place of work historically because when it gets licensed (or if) can vary so greatly. Even out understanding of context with anime from a year relatively recent like 1993 (randomly chosen) is generally pretty poor and held by only a very few.

  4. davidpwelsh says:

    Gricomet, I think your answer probably reflects the thinking of a lot of people, whether they answered “Yes” or “Depends on the property.” And if I’m going to be totally honest, I probably should have clicked the same button as you, though I’ll certainly at least sample anything that comes out from this category.

  5. Depends on the property. There are many old series I don’t care much about. Just like there are many new series I don’t care much about. But I would go into a shopping FRENZY if given the opportunity to buy more 49ers and Ribon no Kishi and oh dear sweet lord Glass Mask. FRENZY. Seriously. I would bite people who got between me and the shelf.

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