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Deb Aoki talks to Eric Searleman about Viz’s original comics initiative:

Eric Searleman: ‘We’re considering everything. The format will suit the material. For example, there’s no law that says our original comics need to mirror our manga trim size. Let’s mix it up.’

“‘We want to do something fun and fresh. Why bother otherwise? We want our books to be an alternative to what’s already out there. It’ll be hard work, but we are confident we can get it done. The bottom line is this: the quality of the comic takes precedent over everything else.'”

And update your bookmarks and news feeds: Brigid Alverson has launched another sure-to-be-invaluable blog, Paperless Comics:

“My goal is to cover the world of webcomics and do it objectively. Rants (editorials) will be clearly marked as such, but mostly, I want to connect people, keep them informed about what is going on in the world of webcomics, and help good comics and readers find each other.”

2 Responses to New initiative linkblogging

  1. Brigid says:

    Thanks for the recommendation, David! ^_^

  2. […] Curmudgeon talked about Viz’s original comics initiative and Brigid’s Paperless Comics. Good […]

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