They really do

That’s more like it.


Thanks to correspondent Jeff and his awe-inspiring image manipulation skills for this.

11 Responses to They really do

  1. Man, if Archie actually had the guts to do this, I think I’d start buying their stuff on principle.

  2. Wow, that is some impressive skill there, Jeff!

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  4. […] This adorable post by David Welsh got me thinking about my first love, Archie.  I became acquainted with Archie when I was about 10.  At that time I liked Archie because he was the hero and I was supposed to like Archie.  I rooted for Betty because she was nice and people are supposed to be nice.  I despised Veronica because she was mean and so was Reggie.  I thought Jughead was an idiot. […]

  5. […] that Archie marrying Veronica was a great promotion and sales bump, David Welsh has an even better idea for an Archie wedding. Visit his site for the full-size image, where you can check out Archie’s expression in all […]

  6. Michael Grabowski says:

    Definitely not from the Spire series of Archie Comics!

  7. ShikomeKidoMi says:

    Well, that’s one way to finally put an end to Archie’s endless dithering.
    And that’s some very skilled image manipulation, so kudos.

  8. […] by Jessica Sideways When I was just pissing away some quality time on the Internet, I saw this bit of skillful image manipulation and I had to say… YES! After all, I couldn’t really tolerate the popular comic books […]

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