Another IKKI update


Viz has added another series to its SIGIKKI site: Tondabayashi’s What’s the Answer? It’s short, bizarre, and (so far) very funny, so you should go take a look. It reminds me a bit of Usumaru Furuya’s Palepoli cartoons.

Deb Aoki was tweeting some updates on which titles are on Viz’s publishing schedule. Many of them seem to be due for print versions, which is good to hear. I’m also really glad that Viz has added a number of other Natsume Ono titles to its Signature line-up (Gente, not simple, Ristorante Paradiso), because House of Five Leaves has left me with ridiculously high expectations of her work. Seriously, it’s totally unfair that I’m expecting her to be the second coming of Fumi Yoshinaga, but it’s nice to be excited.

And now, a quick poll:

6 Responses to Another IKKI update

  1. Wow that was strange.

    I really wish I liked reading comics on my screen. There’s so much out there these days.

  2. I wish that VIZ would update the sites a little more regularly! I was utterly enchanted with a few of the titles, but the rate at what they’re being updated is painfully slow. Of course, that could be deliberate for I Am A Turtle

  3. […] favorite titles at Sigikki if they want them to see print someday. Speaking of Sigikki, David Welsh brings us up to date on the lineup and asks his readers how much they are using the […]

  4. JRBrown says:


    There’s an update calandar through December at

    The second chapter of I Am A Turtle is due 12/17.

  5. DerikB says:

    I’d follow the titles if they had an rss feed to tell me when they update. I’m supposed to remember to go back to the site? That is so 90s.

  6. davidpwelsh says:

    That would be a really good feature, DerikB. I mean, I don’t have a life, so I usually remember to check in on Thursday, but a notification system would be helpful.

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