Birthday book: Little Nothings


Little Nothings: The Curse of the Umbrella

The Comics Reporter notes that today is Lewis Trondheim’s birthday, and I would recommend that you all celebrate by buying a copy of Trondheim’s delightful Little Nothings (NBM). If you haven’t read the book, here’s what I thought of it:

“The one-page cartoons illustrating Trondheim’s everyday observations and encounters are really delightful – witty, astute, low-key, sweet, and polished, but never fussy. He doesn’t seem to be in love with the sound of his own voice, and he doesn’t abandon his instincts as a storyteller because the content is casual and unstructured. It’s just so perfectly in scale, and the ultimate effect is one of effortlessness.”

Chris Butcher is understandably pleased that a third volume is on the way and points to the announcement at NBM’s blog. I’m a little surprised; NBM usually drops a really good book during the last week of December to mess up everyone’s hastily posted “Best of…” lists, but it looks like they’re getting a jump on 2010’s editions instead.

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    This is a nice story and art design as well. Sometimes you get bored with the standard superhero works so you tend to look for something different. Nice flowing art by Lewis. If you are a fan of John Byrne, they come close.

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