Compounded gratitude

I’m clearly in sync with Kate Dacey, which is always reassuring. Here’s her opening line from this week’s Shipping News post:

“I’m not one for gratitude journals or other exercises in forced thanksgiving…”

And here’s an early sentence from this week’s Flipped column:

“I can’t say that it makes me particularly contemplative in the intended way, and I’m relieved that there’s no tradition in my family of going around the table and expressing individual gratitude before we can gorge.”

We’re even grateful for some of the same things!

2 Responses to Compounded gratitude

  1. This reminds me of those old Time/Life ads for Mysteries of the Unknown: “A woman blogs about gratitude in Boston while, unbeknownst to her, a fellow blogger tackles the same issue. Coincidence? Or proof of extrasensory perception?”

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who hates forced acts of thanksgiving, BTW. That is very reassuring.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    I’ll be in touch should Leonard Nimoy call to inquire about our eerie psychic bond!

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