Links to Great Manga Gift Guides

Lots of folks have posted their contributions to the Great Manga Gift Guide with varied approaches and a wide range of books. The easiest way to track them is to check the #gmgg hashtag over at Twitter, but I’ll post links here as often as post-Thanksgiving bloat permits. – Shojo – Shonen – Otaku – Gift Books

AICN Anime

All About Comics

animemiz’s sciribblings

A Radical Interpretation of the Text

Confessions of a Retconned Fangirl

Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page

Extremely Graphic

Extremely Graphic – The Adult Alternative



i ♥ manga


Joy Kim


Manga Bookshelf

Manga Maniac Cafe – Boys Love Edition

Manga Maniac Cafe – Fantasy Edition

Manga Maniac Cafe – For the Girls Edition

Manga Widget

Manga Worth Reading

Manga Xanadu


Otaku Ohana

Panel Patter

Poisoned Rationality

Precocious Curmudgeon

Sean Gaffney


The Manga Critic

yuri no boke

12 Responses to Links to Great Manga Gift Guides

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  2. […] list of participating bloggers over at Okazu and David Welsh is linking to entries as they go up at Precious Curmudgeon). But first, […]

  3. […] of Precocious Curmudgeon called for a real manga gift guide, the mangasphere responded in spades.  Go here for a running list of posts so far, as well as to David’s own contribution.  And if […]

  4. miz says:

    Thanks for putting up an entry.. for link blogging. ^_^

  5. […] Times’s decision to include no manga in their own Graphic Novel Gift Guide. David Welsh has a roundup of the posts thus far over at Precocious Curmudgeon; you can also find links at the Twitter hashtag. So here’s my […]

  6. […] I’m not the only one who included manhwa titles, either. Check out David Welsh’s gift guide directory […]

  7. […] Are you a manga fan like me? Then you must check out the 2009 Great Manga Gift Guide. Sev­eral blogs par­tic­i­pated in cre­at­ing lists and you can view them all here. […]

  8. […] Alverson of the Manga Blog just recently wrote a Gift Guide as part of the Great Manga Gift Guide, and concentrated her list on Children and Teens.  Her guide also includes links to […]

  9. […] would like to find out more about the Great Manga Gift Guide, check out this post. There are also gift guides from 2010. This post will be updated every day, as needed, until December 15th. If you have a gift guide, but […]

  10. […] is keeping this year’s archive at All About Manga. (Check out David Welsh’s The Manga Curmudgeon for links to last year’s […]

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