This would be on it

No, don’t ignore him! Pictured above is Yuki, the protagonist of Taiyo Matsumoto’s fascinating GoGo Monster (Viz), which is the subject of this week’s Flipped. I have to say, there’s been a ferocious quantity of really good manga this year, and GoGo Monster is certainly in that category.

Given that ferocious quantity, I do find myself wondering why so little of it is making its way onto year-end lists of incredible comics. It’s reaching the point that I really feel compelled to come up with some craven way to do a “Best of” list without actually describing as such, leaving me the kind of plausible deniability that is my watchword as a blogger. I mean, I’m not remember 2009 incorrectly, am I? There was an avalanche of great stuff, right?

One Response to This would be on it

  1. Best of lists are not something I’m terribly good at, mostly because I read so far behind as a rule. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do one or not. I’ll prolly do it if y’all do, too.

    Speaking of which, maybe the reason not too much manga has made the best-of lists is because people who read both like myself and Johanna (just to name someone off the top of my head) are waiting for the actual end of the year?

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