Bake day: apple spice cake

This is a really delicious apple spice cake recipe from Cultivating Life. If you make it, you should know that it’s too much volume for a nine-inch spring-form cake pan. It doesn’t look like it’s too much, but there are a lot of reactions going on that make the cake spill over when you bake it. I would recommend dividing the batter into two nine-inch cakes and baking them for a shorter period of time. I think there’s enough of the butter/brown sugar mixture to divide between two pans as well, as that drained out of the bottom a bit. I’d also let that mixture set after you place the apples if you don’t want the apples to float up into the cake. (That’s hardly a problem unless you’re going for looks.) It ended up taking about an hour and fifteen minutes to make one really full nine-inch cake, so I would start checking with a toothpick after around 50 minutes of baking. But the cake is rich, moist and has a nice, warm spiciness to it.

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