Ono, Ono, Ono

Hey, are you sick of me obsessing over Natsume Ono? If so, this week’s Flipped is probably not for you. And I make no promises about the situation improving in the future. And yes, I am illustrating my blog like a teenager pasting magazine covers to the inside of my locker. I make no apologies.

8 Responses to Ono, Ono, Ono

  1. Chris says:

    Um, I own all of those books.

    I am so ready for more Natsume Ono.

  2. Chris says:

    Hey btw drop me a line with the address where you prefer to receive review copies? I have something for you.

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    Do you have any of her yaoi? One has the word “Bear” in the title, which almost made me faint.

  4. Khursten says:

    Lol. There’s always more room for more Natsume Ono! ❤ What's funny is I'm reading Coppers and Danza now. XD

    David, do you want me to scan my Orso e Intellectuale for you (it's the one with the bear)? That would at least help whet some curiosities you have over this bear phenomenon. lol.

  5. Judi says:

    There is never enough Ono.

  6. davidpwelsh says:

    Khursten, that’s so nice of you to offer, but don’t worry about it. I always like to have a “white whale” out there to obsess over, and Orso e Intellectuale fits nicely into that slot!

  7. Khursten says:

    Lolol. That’s nice way of putting it. The white whale. Love it. It would be interesting to put out a list of white whales, but somehow that’s a little like your license request day. ❤

    I'm sure that there are other white whales out there and we just haven't had a glimpse of it yet. My "white whale" now are Yoshinaga Fumi's Slam Dunk MitKo doujinshis. They're out there… I'm… gonna wait for mandarake to start selling 'em. ;w;

  8. Danielle Leigh says:

    now that I’ve posted my review I’m so happy to read yours (I’ve now found a new manga-ka to obsess over! Oh happy day!).

    In not simple, Ono is playing with the idea of tragedy as an entertainment beyond merely presenting a tragic series of events.

    This is a very interesting observation…I admit I wrote my review just because I’m so haunted by this story that I thought I’d go nuts if I didn’t get something out there. But I still want to think about what Ono has accomplished with this comic, and I find your thoughts here particularly useful to think about how she represents the tragic “events” in that they often aren’t “events” at all.

    Very enjoyable column, thanks for sharing!

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