He’s just not that into you

Dude… harsh. That’s Naoki Irie from Kaoru Tada’s Itazura Na Kiss (Digital Manga), which just happens to be the subject of this week’s Flipped. It’s a very enjoyable comic in its own right, and I think it’s interesting to consider it in context, particularly when that context is inspired by Shaenon K. Garrity.

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  1. […] Todoke: From Me to You (Viz), a delightfully off-kilter shôjo title. Thinking about the subject of yesterday’s Flipped column, it occurs to me that this book is a delightful subversion of the peasant-prince model. The heroine […]

  2. Shaenon says:

    Another key agent in the BDSM-ing of shojo romance was the enormously popular early ’90s series “Boys over Flowers,” now out in its entirety from Viz. That one’s based on differences in class rather than intellect–the girl is poor, the guys mega-rich–and in fact the heroine is obviously much smarter than the lead guy. But the power dynamics are similar. I’d have to read more 1980s shojo to be sure, but it may have been one of the first hit manga in which the hero threatening to rape the heroine is not a deal-breaker in their relationship.

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    Now you’ve got me wondering when the concept of sexual assault as an ice-breaker became an occasional yaoi trope.

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