Happy Valentine’s Day

What are some of your favorite comics romances?

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  1. Lissa says:

    Shinobi Life for shoujo, Little Butterfly for boys’ love and most-recently-in-canon, Young Avengers’ cast for American comics 🙂

  2. Shelly says:

    Shoujo: Marmalade Boy, Cipher, From Far Away, Fruits Basket, Sand Chronicles, The Name of the Flower, Tramps Like Us, Sorcerers and Secretaries.

    BL, too many to name, but to name some that don’t get as much attention: Pure Heart (where’s vol 2??), Loveholic, Rin!, Close the Last Door, Desire, The Paradise on the Hill, Cut, Last Portrait.

  3. Danielle Leigh says:

    Ren & Kyoko (Skip Beat!) — they may be moving at the pace of the glacier but they are very compelling.

    Misaki and Usami (Junjo Romantica) — there’s an age difference, status difference, *height* difference. Cliche central, right? Yet I still love this couple and how the creator tracks going from day one to years later and all the obstacles involved.

    There’s probably a bunch more I could list but I’ll cut myself off for now and say these are certainly in my top ten comic book romances of all time.

  4. I’m going off the manga reservation, but I think my favorite is Ben Grimm (aka the Thing) and Alicia Masters. The idea that she loves Ben for who he *is* and not who he looks like just resonates with me like no other relationship.

  5. Quite possibly my favorite straight couple in manga is Jun and Saki from Sukeban Deka. They are perfect for one another, except for all the zillion things standing between them (race, age, their mentor/student relationship and the fact that the story is full of yakuuza and giant snakes.)

    Love My Life is one of my favorite lesbian romance manga. It’s adult, real, nice and above all, happy.



    Hungry for Yuri? Have some Okazu!

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