Sexy Voice and Robo MMF: Matt Blind

Matt (Rocket Bomber) Blind not only reviews Sexy Voice and Robo

“It’s a great mix of art and story and character, and I can only imagine what it’s reception would have been if Kuroda had been an American comicker in 2008 rather than a manga-ka in Japan in 2001.”

… he demystifies the “Moveable Feast” as it applies here:

“So our adaptation and use of the term ‘A Manga Moveable Feast’ could be considered as both a celebration with no fixed date (or location) and also a collection of voices and perspectives that may have no other common associations past the fact that they happen to cohabit the same space at the same point in time, and that they engage each other for so long as all inhabit the same moment. (But, of course, with manga.) (and trying to catch a little bit of that Paris magic.)”

Click here for a running list of entries to this edition of the Manga Moveable Feast.

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