The Shôjo-Sunjeong Alphabet: R

“R” is for…

And, of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the great yet-to-be-licensed shôjo titles:

What are some of your favorite shôjo and sunjeong titles that start with the letter “R”?

9 Responses to The Shôjo-Sunjeong Alphabet: R

  1. Lorena says:

    I’ll admit it — I’ve read none of the above titles (gasp!) and can’t really recall any “R”-titled shojo manga. But, just because I think it’s a title anyone should read (and enjoy) my favorite “R” manga is Takehiko Inoue’s Real — it’s as much about character growth and emotion as it is about basketball, if not more so.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    Thank you! I usually mention Real under even the flimsiest of pretexts, but I dropped the ball this time.

    I was also tempted to add Ranma 1/2, even though I know it’s shônen. Man, I’d love an omnibus edition of that.

    • Lorena says:

      Happy to help! I’ve found that the differences between some seinen and josei titles is really a matter of magazine categorization than anything else.

      And, yes! I would love an omnibus edition of Ranma 1/2 series — I’ve read the first few volumes but became discouraged by its length. (Truth be told, the only Rumiko Takahashi series I’ve read entirely are Maison Ikkaku and what’s been published of RIN-NE so far.)

      • davidpwelsh says:

        From everything I’ve heard, women and girls in Japan seem much less bound by category than boys and men. They’ll read what sounds entertaining to them, and I’d wager that’s also true with titles like Real. I just wish more people read it in English!

  3. lys says:

    Aha! I found one. Real Lies by LEE Si Young (not seeing any serialization info, but I think it’s sunjeong. or possibly Korean equivalent of josei?). I picked it up for cheap on a whim, but ended up really enjoying the 3 slightly sci-fi oneshots; I loved the art as well. I’d say it’s worth checking out if you can find it.

  4. davidpwelsh says:

    I saw that one at Yen’s site and could not find a single review of it, positive or negative, so thanks for passing along the endorsement!

  5. Rij says:

    I have no new titles to add. Just wanted to let you know that I got the first volume of Rasetsu yesterday after seeing it here. Love it. Thanks.

  6. Ephidel says:

    Real/Fake Princess was also pretty good. Rather addictive. Shame the quality of the books wasn’t too great.

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