License request day: Tezuka talk

The folks over at ani-gamers have declared March to be Tezuka Month, so it seems appropriate to devote this week’s license request to the God of Manga. But, with so prolific an artist, where should one start?

Okay, with me, that answer is always the same, but I won’t gripe if another title cuts in line. And the French have continued to lavish praise on Tezuka, with Gringo recognized as a finalist for the Prix Asie and Sarutobi honored at Angoulême. Over at The Comics Journal, Anne Ishi just wrote about a two-volume collection of Tezuka’s erotica, for heaven’s sake. And there’s so much more!

What about Tezuka’s adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, published in one volume by Kodansha? Graphic adaptations of classic literature have always had a solid place in comics publishing.

Akata, the French publishers of Tezuka’s Ayako, have also published the two-volume Barbara, which is about a messed-up novelist and the homeless girl who inspires him. (I think Akata’s cover designs are gorgeous, don’t you? Vertical’s are too, obviously, so I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Ayako.)

Akata also published La Légende de Songoku, telling the tale of that foundational mythological monkey, and I’m as crazy about Tezuka’s comics for kids as I am of his out-there gekiga.

Back on the twisted seinen front, isn’t that cover enough to make you curious about La Femme Insecte, published in French by Casterman’s Sakka imprint?

Okay, enough muddying of the waters: what Tezuka titles would you like to see in English?

Update: Kate (The Manga Critic) Dacey is running a poll on this very topic. Go vote for your most desired, as-yet-unlicensed Tezuka titles.

Update II: Daniella (All About Manga) Orihuela-Gruber offers her own wish list.

10 Responses to License request day: Tezuka talk

  1. Sam Kusek says:

    I whole heartedly agree with all of these choices, especially the Legend of Son Goku.

  2. Awwww man. I was going to do one of these too! Idea stolen! But since our requests are vastly different, I’ll still go ahead with it. Great choices!

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    There’s always room for more Tezuka on the shelves! Can’t wait to see your picks.

  4. James Moar says:

    I think I’d be interested in a translation of very nearly any Tezuka title, The only possible exceptions are the ones aimed at an audience so very young there’s not much there for older readers.

    I’ve got a Japanese copy of his Crime and Punishment, and I do have to say that Raskolnikov as an axe-wielding cherubic kid is a bit unintentionally funny. But there’s good design work in there, and an interesting twist on the ending.

  5. Lorena says:

    I’d love a Kimba the White Lion license – simply because I could then get my co-worker into manga (she was a *big* fan of the cartoon growing up). Otherwise, a reprint of Adolf would be great – it’s hard to find outside of my library system, or, of course, Princess Knight. Even with my underdeveloped Spanish skills, I’m seriously considering hunting down the Spanish version of Princess Knight, AKA La Princesa Caballero!

  6. Matthew J. Brady says:

    I’m always hearing about Tezuka series that sound good, so there’s a ton more out there than I’m even aware of. But I would like to throw in support for The Three-Eyed One and Rainbow Parakeet. And didn’t he also do Unico?That would be a good one too.

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