The indispensable Gia Mangry of Anime Vice spotted some intriguing listings on Amazon (while everyone else was pouncing on hardcovers), including a much-desired license request. I also got word of another manga offering from Fantagraphics in the form of a short story collection by the inimitable Moto Hagio. And just now, Dirk Deppey has revealed what’s behind these listings:

“Fantagraphics has signed an agreement with Shogakukan to launch a full manga line edited and curated by Matt Thorn.”

Fantagraphics wins spring.

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  • 12 Responses to Confirmation

    1. JRBrown says:

      I’ll spare you the 15 minutes of whooping and sqeeing that this announcement provoked.

      Sooo… Wishlist time! With Thorn on board Poem of wind and tree is an obvious candidate, though I hear that the reason no-one has bagged it already is that Shogakukan is asking for oodles of cash. But still, we can dream. For Hagio my most desired series would be A cruel god reigns, which at 17 volumes of ANGST! and torment is an outside bet at best, but it does have substantial critic-cred (and it’s BL-flavored and could be crossmarketed to the fujoshi).

    2. Blah says:

      Let’s not forget that “Hourou Musuko” is actually an Enterbrain property, so whatever deal Fantagraphics has with Shogakukan doesn’t seem to be an exclusive one.

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    4. Ephidel says:

      I found it sort of funny that the license request for Wandering Son was inspired by one of the people who was probably already involved in bringing it over at that time 😉
      Still, congrats on getting another one filled ^^

    5. davidpwelsh says:

      Thanks! I’m hoping this means that Otherworld Barbara will be next.

    6. I’m also waiting for Song of Wind in Trees – Keiko Takemiya. But I’m guessing that only about 10k would sell were it licensed. Simply not enough to rationalize oodles of cash 0_0

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