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In the new Publishers Weekly Comics Week, Kai-Ming Cha contributes a terrific piece on the new manga initiative from Fantagraphics. My favorite paragraph:

“‘There is a vast mount of [manga] material out there for intelligent adults,’ Thorn said, ‘and yes, I think there is a market. In fact, I think it will become a major market.’ Fantagraphics president and co-publisher, Gary Groth, is also unconcerned about catering to an established market. ‘Our publishing philosophy is, if we publish something good, and we market it well, it will find a readership.'”

By the way, PWCW might want to consider adding Twitter to the “Share” button under its articles. And they might want to shorten their URLs.

And, yes, I’m still linkstalking.

3 Responses to Read of the day

  1. KrebMarkt says:

    With just 4 releases per year, it would take +10 years to publish all Moto Hagio key works and this is not counting others series they will do.

    Fantagraphic has to increase its release rate or else the waiting will kill us.

  2. davidpwelsh says:

    Still, it’s better than not getting any Moto Hagio at all, which is where we are now. 😉

  3. KrebMarkt says:


    Still i think they would need 12 releases per year in order keep up with our insanely long wish list of series.

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