Adapt this now

Over at the BBC News web site, Stuart Nicolson looks at a totally fascinating bit of history that involves… well… see for yourself:

“Hundreds of children aged from four to 14, some of them armed with knives and sharpened sticks, were patrolling inside the historic graveyard.”

Adding to the fascination is the fact that the incident was used to clamp down on 1950s horror comics.

Someone needs to turn this story into a graphic novel at his or her earliest convenience. My initial recommendations would go to Rick Geary if we’re talking about a straight-up historical retelling or Ted Naifeh if you wanted to fold in some actual supernatural elements.

Update: Tom Spurgeon points to this piece at The Horrors of It All that offers evidence that the urban legend about the iron-toothed vampire may well have had its origins in comics after all.

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