Two super-heroes walk into a bar…

… and The New York Times takes pictures of them making out. I have to say that I find this story awesome, mostly because I’m kind of mean-spirited and am imagining the resulting nerd panic in some quarters. But it’s also a nice fusion of different cultural elements of the sometimes fraught intersection of gay fandom and the Marvel/DC output. George Gene Gustines covers a lot of familiar territory, but he also gathers some great quotes:

“Growing up in the ’80s, I guess I didn’t even think gay super-heroes or supporting characters were a possibility,” Dan Avery, 37, an editor of Next, a guide to gay night life in New York City, wrote in an e-mail message. “I do remember feeling like I had two secrets I had to keep: being gay and being a comic-book fan. I’m not sure which I was more afraid of people discovering.” These days, Mr. Avery is a member of a group of gay men who meet regularly to discuss the latest comics.

And it’s probably the only current piece of mainstream media coverage of super-heroes that doesn’t quote Mark Millar, so that should be reason enough for you to click through.

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  1. URGH – no mention of That’s annoying. They are a LGBTQ comics consortium that is doing great work in nearly every possible way. And, not coincidentally, one of the least sucky LGBT groups I’ve ever worked with.

  2. […] David Welsh points out a really neat NY Times article about gay men who have occasional parties where they dress up like superheroes. Good for them! There are some wonderful comparisons quoted between growing up gay and growing up geeky. For example, Bob Schreck says, “The straight wimpy kid is a straight wimpy kid. The gay wimpy kid is in real trouble.” I fear a backlash to these images among a certain section of fandom, but I haven’t seen it yet. […]

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