Yen Plus goes digital

Yen Press just dropped a bomb on Twitter, with a pointer to the publisher’s weblog:

“As the magazine industry changes and old models are eclipsed by new, so, too, must YEN PLUS change, and it is with that in mind that I can announce officially that the July 2010 issue of YEN PLUS will be its last in print.

“Now before you despair too much, take a deep breath and focus on those last two words: ‘in print.’ Yes, the print magazine will be no more, but YEN PLUS will live on as an online manga anthology! As such, it will have the ability to reach more readers than ever before while giving those same readers an option to peruse manga (and maybe some light novels?) legitimately online.”

More details are to come, obviously, but it’s certainly an interesting development. In my opinion, the more digital anthologies, the better.

Update: Gia (Anime Vice) Manry gets some more details from Yen Press co-founder Kurt Hassler.

5 Responses to Yen Plus goes digital

  1. Sadie Mattox says:

    How much will the subscription cost? I’m sooo glad I didn’t renew when I got my notification in the mail. It wasn’t any cheaper nor was there a mention of it going digital. Digital is fine just wondering what the cost will be and also, can I get it on my phone, will I be able to save a copy to my computer, etc. I guess those questions will be answered in time. Or I could go to their website. meh. work.

  2. judi(togainunochi) says:

    Ugh, I hate this. I feel like Fahrenheit 451. it’s as close to burning as I want to get. Soon all written word will be committed to memory, no libraries. gah. I’m making myself so depressed.
    I still write postal letters, soon no one will know what that is either.

  3. Heather says:

    Well the digital format should eliminate the the delivery problems some of endured. I can’t wait to see the number of titles they will offer and hope they keep all the current titles. I have grown to love all of them in their own special way, especially Pig Bride, Jack Frost, Nightschool and One Fine Day. I am also happy Yen Press was able to quickly make this decision. I think the expense($10) kept people away from this wonderful anthology, hopefully the digital version is much cheaper.

  4. DanielBT says:

    Anybody notice a disturbing coincidence where Shojo Beat was also canceled on a July issue? On the plus side, unlike the other magazine, Yen Press is still alive and kicking, even if it’s as an online version. If the same had happened for Shojo Beat, rather than just releasing book versions of their stories, some of us might have been more happier.

    This is just another arguement for your request for more offical scanlated Mangas, such as the Sigikki titles and Shonen Sunday. Let’s hear some more noise in that general direction! Let them know there’s an audience out there!

  5. Heather says:

    I think the July date also happens to coincide with when Yen Press began to offer 6 month subscriptions to Yen Plus. I think the digital format has been wonderful for VIZ. People definitely noticed the long xmas break they took and recently on the Shonen Sunday site they have added Arata to Rinne for receiving weekly updates while their other 2 new series Maoh and Hyde are bi-weekly updates vs the old format of one chapter per month.

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