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Harvey Award nominations are due tomorrow, and as Heidi (The Beat) MacDonald notes, “Only WE can save the Harveys.” Last year’s nominees in the Best American Edition of Foreign Material were slightly better than those of the year before, though they’d almost have to be. I doubt that my whining had anything to do with that, but I will toss out a few suggestions, just in case someone is staring at an uncompleted ballot.

First of all, I think any of the titles listed here would be fine nominees. Here are a few more:

And since I’m on the subject of awards, I should note that online voting is underway for the Eisners. I predicted at least one winner last year, and let’s see if I can repeat the feat by suggesting you cast your vote for…

Beyond being very entertaining and informative, this was a really ambitious project on Viz’s part, to offer a taste of a massive, commercially counter-intuitive series, and I would love to see them get some bling for their efforts. But I’m always curious as to which way the winds are blowing, so here’s a poll on the subject of Best U.S. Edition of International Material-Asia:

Updated: Aaron Costain suggested a second poll, asking which title should win, and I admit I forgot the distinction. So here you go:

Feel free to mention another, un-nominated title in the comments.

8 Responses to For your further consideration

  1. Sam Kusek says:

    Tough choices on the poll, David. They’re all really deserving of the highest recognition but alas, I’ve made my choice.


  2. OK, now that I’ve voted for who WILL win, is there another poll for who SHOULD win?

  3. davidpwelsh says:

    What an excellent idea! I’ll get to it post-haste.

  4. […] Gogo Monster was worth the cash. Urasawa’s Pluto was one of my favorite works. I’m going to point you in David Welsh’s direction for more suggestions. I read a lot of manga, but have very specific tastes. I love One Piece,, but I don’t know if […]

  5. […] I still live in hope that we’ll get more Oishinbo from Viz (one of the reasons I’m begging people to vote for it in this year’s Eisner Awards), I’m always game for more cooking manga. What are some of your unlicensed favorites, or which […]

  6. […] Can there be such a thing as too many food manga? David Welsh’s latest license request is Bambino!, which is set in an Italian restaurant in Tokyo. David also posts some Harvey Award suggestions and a poll as to what will win the Eisner. […]

  7. I think The Color Trilogy (First Second) will win the 2010 Eisner and i think A Drifting Life (Drawn & Quarterly) should win.

  8. […] comics awards programs, it’s almost Eisner time. Back when the nominees were announced, I ran will win/should win polls for the Best U.S. Edition of International Material-Asia. I thought I’d check back and see […]

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