License request day: Noriyuki Yamahana

In this week’s installment of The Seinen Alphabet, I wondered about the dearth of licensed titles from Shueisha’s Business Jump. Sean (A Case Suitable for Treatment) Gaffney was kind enough to chime in with an assessment of the anthology:

Business Jump has a lot of beloved romantic comedies that have never been licensed over here, mostly as they’re more mature, have many volumes, and are realistic rather than wacky, all of which adds up to high risk for Viz.”

Sean (who you should follow on Twitter) went on to mention some of his favorite Business Jump titles, including two works by Noriyuki Yamahana that sound particularly appealing.

First up is Yume de Aetara, which chalked up 17 volumes during the last half of the 1990s. It’s about a salaryman who falls in love with a kindergarten teacher, and the description at Wikipedia calls to mind Rumiko Takahashi’s Maison Ikkoku (Viz):

“As the series progresses, it becomes more thoughtful and mature, with many of the problems evolving out of the character’s personalities rather than being imposed artificially by circumstances.”

I’m not having much like finding it on Shueisha’s web site, but here’s a link to an Amazon listing for what I believe is the first book in the eight-volume bunko collection of the series.

Yamahana’s other enticing Business Jump series, Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie, is a little easier to find, but it’s a more recent offering. Its eight-volume run concluded in 2005. This one sounds like blended-family romantic comedy along the lines of The Brady Bunch, but without the associated nausea.

It’s about a single father of two boys and a single mother of two daughters who wind up living in the same house thanks to an unscrupulous real estate agent. Based on the preview pages posted by Shueisha, it looks pretty cute. (By the way, those preview pages are rather discreetly linked. Click on the hyperlink at the end of the biggest block of text on the page on the listings for the first, second, and third volumes, and you can see some samples.)

Yamahana’s current Business Jump series is Noel no Kimochi, which seems to be about a talented figure skater who’s in love with her older brother, as near as I can figure. I’ll hold off on requesting that one.

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  1. I’ve seen the OAV of Yume de Aetara that was licensed here. I couldn’t imagine going through 17 volumes of manga when just getting through three anime episodes was a bit of a chore. It wasn’t exactly bad, per se, just kind of boring. Then again, the manga could be better, and the second title does sound pretty cute.

    As for Noel no Kimochi, almost all figure skating manga goes directly on my “wanted” list, but, yeah, incest isn’t my thing… Maybe he’s just an older guy she calls Big Brother? Or maybe one of them is adopted? Step-siblings? I can’t seem to make heads or tails out of this Babelfish translation of the summary…

    Ah, found a better summary at

    Noel Tsukioka wants to be a simple, normal high school girl who has friends and falls in love with the man of her dreams. However, Noel leads a very abnormal life. At age 15, she’s the All Japan Junior Champion at figure skating. Her mom is also her coach, and is very strict on Noel about focusing solely on her figure skating, and not to concern herself with trivial matters like friends and love. She’s also one of the most popular girls at school. Noel also bypassed going to a regular school, in favor of going to the prestigious Yotsuba Academy, where her older brother Naoto teaches at. Secretly, Noel has feelings for her older brother.

    But, as Noel will learn.. Sometimes life can be complicated, and Noel will face challenges in the form of rivals both on the skating rink, and for her brother. Not to mention, her feelings for her brother are of the forbidden kind..
    (Source: Manga Updates)

    Too bad. This series has two things I actually like — figure skating and student/teacher romances — but the incest thing just ruins it for me…

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  3. davidpwelsh says:

    Ah, that’s disappointing to hear about the adaptation, but I’m pretty manga-centric, so I’d probably be obstinate enough to give the book a try. And yeah… even when characters are just “raised as siblings,” particularly when they believe they’re siblings, I still get squicked by inter-family romance.

  4. [i]I still get squicked by inter-family romance.[/i]

    Hmm well you’ll end up passing on most of Yamahana’s manga then because a large number of this artist’s titles are about incest.

    Possibly Yamahana’s most popular title is called Imouto (translated “younger sister”) and then there is Imouto Akane. Both have to do with a younger sister in love with her older brother who in at least one case is already with another woman.

    If I remember correctly even The House Under the Orange Roof actually deals with forbidden love…

    And the mangaka also goes by the josei sounding pen-name… Hanako Yamazaki.

  5. Gricomet says:

    I don’t have my scanlation copy of volume 1 on this computer, but I am pretty sure that in Noel no Kimochi, the main character and her older brother are not actually related by blood, although I don’t think Noel knows that. I believe it is mentioned in the first volume. So not real incest. I like the art style of the series and planned to read the scans, although last I checked they aren’t very far into the series.

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