Orphan refugees

I know I’m getting my Kübler-Ross all out of order. I started with anger, then moved on to depression, and now I’m going to backtrack to bargaining. These are confusing times. And while it seems kind of ghoulish to be looking for new homes for orphan titles, one does what one feels one must, you know? Everyone has their own unfinished CMX title that they’d most like to see rescued, so I’m going to focus on three.

First up is Usumaru Furuya’s 51 Ways to Save Her, which generated a lot of excitement when it was announced. It’s a survival drama, which is always promising, but more important is the fact that it’s by the gifted, bizarre Furuya. There just isn’t enough of his manga available in English, and while I would have loved to see CMX be the one to rectify that, I’d be equally happy to see Vertical swoop in on a rope, cutlass clenched in its teeth.

The other two titles are CMX’s classic shôjo offerings, Kyoko Ariyoshi’s Swan and Yasuko Aoike’s From Eroica With Love. The most logical target for these titles is Fantagraphics. They’ve tasked shôjo scholar Matt Thorn with establishing a manga imprint, and Dirk Deppey was just bemoaning the fact that Swan would go unfinished. I’m not asking them to start over again, and Swan’s Shueisha origins might be tricky for Shogakukan-affiliated Fantagraphics to navigate, but it would be a lovely gesture to fans of classic shôjo. It would also seem like an enticing opportunity for Fantagraphics to clean up some of DC’s messes and then gloat about it. I’m just saying. Aside from the fact that classic shôjo doesn’t sell very well, it seems like a solution with no down side.

I don’t even know where to start with awesome Hakusensha shôjo like My Darling! Miss Bancho and Stolen Hearts that really just began, but maybe Yen Press would like to beef up its shôjo offerings? They could put those profits from Twilight and Black Butler to really good use.

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  1. judi(togainunochi) says:

    I’m sure that there are many titles that should be rescued as you pointed out, but I just started My Darling!, Miss Bancho. I feel like I’ve lost a child, since I just got started and my never know what it goes up to be. so depressing

    • davidpwelsh says:

      I definitely feel your pain. I have a profound weakness for silly, genuinely funny shôjo, and I was looking forward to many more volumes of Miss Bancho and her stupid minions.

  2. DanielBT says:

    What a coincidence! I just recommended that Fantagraphics pick up the remainder of Erotica & Swan on another board for the exact same reasons you mentioned. I suspect it’s all about branding. Fantagraphics is more likely to have better ties to bookstores than CMX ever was. (I only saw one volume of Emma at Chapters)

    Also, Yen Press could potentially make a killing if they ever got their hands on Chikyu Misaki. Just look at how Yotsuba did once they changed hands.

  3. shannon says:

    It would also be a good connection with their archives of classic American comics as well.

  4. Danielle Leigh says:

    I’ve been thinking about the five stages of grief as well….

    Also you are awesome and these CMX posts are awesome.

    I also think TP might not be a bad choice for some of those quirky CMX shojo titles you mention (they might not have recovered quite enough since they still have a few quirky shojo titles that have been indefinitely delayed but those titles would fit in with their general catalog I think).

    • davidpwelsh says:

      That’s a good point, and Tokyopop has published some good Hakusensha stuff like V.B. Rose.

      Also, when do we reach the stage of grief that allows us to eat lots of ice cream?

  5. Woah woah woah, 51 Ways to Save Her is by Usamaru “Short Cuts” Furuya? Someone needs to print that stat.

    (Bizarely, I actually ended up having a conversation with a girl about Short Cuts and Pulp in a bar a couple of weeks ago. I was shocked anyone else had ever read that series. Aphex Twin appears!

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  7. ABCBTom says:

    You’re not alone. I did an unscientific poll at AnimeOnDVD, and the four titles that won, handily, were

    1. Swan
    2. Eroica
    3. Two Flowers For the Dragon
    4. 51 Ways to Save Her

    My thoughts:

    1. Support Fantagraphics
    2. We need a Manga Blogosphere United Front to support Fantagraphics
    3. A company could win goodwill for a lifetime for printing out that ONE LAST VOLUME
    4. There’s genuine interest in this one. Someone should pick it up.

  8. DanielBT says:

    I just found an article worrying about the cancelation of the CMX line after the demise of the Minx brand. In additon to a great subject heading, “Please Save My CMX!”, it lists several titles that were deserving of a second look.

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