Upcoming 6/23/2010

The current ComicList might be described as the “Not Dead Yet Edition.”

Cherish these last few CMX releases while you can. This week sees the arrival of the 17th volume (of 19) of Musashi #9, the sixth volume (of seven) of Two Flowers for the Dragon, and the fourth volume (of five) of Venus Capriccio. So close, and yet so far. And the web site is gone, as has been noted previously. Screw you, DC.

Del Rey publishes more than one licensed comic this week, including one that it rescued from another publisher. They continue to wrap up Samurai Deeper Kyo with a collection of the 37th and 38th volumes, and we finally see the second volume of Moyasimon, plus the 11th volume of Fairy Tail.

Eight months after publishing the first volume, which had been in print for ages, Kodansha re-releases the second volume of Akira. They still don’t have a web site.

2 Responses to Upcoming 6/23/2010

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  2. Ahavah says:

    I went on Amazon to check on the second volume of Moyasimon, and noticed the first volume was no longer in stock. What’s going on at Del Rey that such a great (and recent) manga is already oop?

    I never particularly liked DC, but by shuttering CMX, they gave me a reason to HATE them. Not only are they leaving a lot of beloved series dangling only a volume or so from completion (as you noted), but they pushed the publication date of my favorite shojo’s latest volume, Apothecarius Argentum’s vol. 9, from June to July right before they took CMX out, leaving the series off at a horrible cliffhanger (and, IIRC, only a mere three volumes from completion). Screw DC!

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