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You know how the voting experience is usually one of holding your nose and trying to figure out who’s going to do the least damage? Well, Kate (The Manga Critic) Dacey offers a welcome change of pace with her “Half-Time Poll: The Best New Manga of 2010.” There may be a blog post in this.

Updated just to have a reminder of how I voted, as it was almost impossible to pick only five, and I may possibly write a self-justifying follow-up post:

  • All My Darling Daughters (Viz), written and illustrated by Fumi Yoshinaga
  • Bunny Drop (Yen Press), written and illustrated by Yumi Unita
  • I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow (Viz), written and illustrated by Shunju Aono
  • Natsume’s Book of Friends (Viz), written and illustrated by Yuki Midorikawa
  • Twin Spica (Vertical, written and illustrated by Kou Yaginuma
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    2. Nhu says:

      That is almost exactly my list (I have not tried Twin Spica yet). You’ve got good taste. The silly but kind of charming My Girlfriend’s a Geek (which I always change in my mind to Fangirl) was my 5th choice.

      • davidpwelsh says:

        I still need to take a look at MGaG. It’s gotten mixed reviews, but that always intrigues me when a book generates very different responses.

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