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Updated: Awesome as the two titles below sound, Yen Press pulled into the lead of winning Comic Con International by announcing the following license:

Yes, they will be publishing Kaoru (Emma) Mori’s Otoyomegatari, which moves Yen into the august group of publishers who have fulfilled one of my license requests. Others include Vertical and NBM.


Updated again: But the Mori book still holds the top spot. Brigid (Robot 6) Alverson reports on a couple of upcoming books by Shigeru (GeGeGe no Kitaro) Mizuki from Drawn & Quarterly. At least one has been published in French by Cornélius. With the other, I’m not sure what the original Japanese title might have been or how it might have been translated. Sounds dramatic, though. Updated: It was confirmed for me that the second book has also been published in French.


They may not have been on my wish list, but Comic Con International has already yielded two really interesting-sounding licenses, so we’ll take the week off from requests in favor of pointing you towards more information on these announcements.

Vertical will be publishing Usumaru Furuya’s Lychee Light Club. Brigid Alverson has the details at Robot 6. Maybe this will do really well, and someone will decide to rescue Furuya’s 51 Ways to Save Her. Think of the headline puns!

Brigid also has details and some preview pages of Masahiko Matsumoto’s Cigarette Girl, due out from Top Shelf, who seems to want to give Drawn & Quarterly a run for their gekiga money. Competition is healthy!

8 Responses to The news so far

  1. Jim says:

    I am very excited about both of these releases! 😀

  2. JRB says:

    “Maybe this will do really well, and someone will decide to rescue Furuya’s 51 Ways to Save Her.”

    I’ll settle for “no-one gets put in jail”. I cannot believe Vertical is licensing this. Between the graphic gory murder, the rape, the gay sex, and the fact that the entire cast is composed of junior-high students murdering, raping and having gay sex, I just cannot believe Vertical is licensing this. Let us pray that no-one lets it slip into the hands of a minor whose parent then complains.

  3. Sean G says:

    JRB: Sounds like a typical Furuya title to me, actually. The man is not known for his sweet and cuddly stuff. Short Cuts was possibly the tamest of his works.

  4. James Moar says:

    I’m guessing the other Mizuki manga, “Onward Toward Our Noble Deaths”, is a WW2 story — it’s a subject he’s written about (he saw combat, which doesn’t seem typical of postwar manga creators), and the title’s highly reminiscent of slogans of the period.

  5. Travis McGee says:

    I’m pretty sure the other Mizuki manga has been published by Cornelius as well, as “Operation Mort”.

  6. Fai C. says:

    Very late to the party, but this pleases me incredibly.

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