Couples, cute and otherwise

In celebration of the overturning of Proposition 8, I thought I’d throw out a question: what are some of your favorite same-sex couples in comics? I’ll start.

The thing that I love best about straight-laced Kento and sly, cynical Akira in Future Lovers, beyond their opposites-attract charm, is the fact that their romance doesn’t exist in a void. They deal with work and family as a part of the nuts and bolts of their relationship. They’re adorable together, but they also feel very real thanks to the rounded lives creator Saika Kunieda has given them.

There really isn’t anything I don’t like about bubbly Rica and worldly Miho in Rica Takashima’s Rica ‘tte Kanji!? It’s an unabashedly happy story of young love and emerging identity, which still seems all too rare a specimen in any medium.

So, which pairings make you happy?

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  1. Kimi-Chan says:

    I also Kento and Akira. Other faves include, but not limited to..mmm…Al and Ranmaru (A Foreign Love Affair), Taki and Goh (Yellow), Tamiya and Tohdou (Ichigenme), Swordfish and Sen (UGH), Ranmaru and Kei (Kizuna), Kai and Hizuki (Allure), Yuichi and Wataru (OTRFK)…

  2. John Jakala says:

    Ichigo x Uryu
    Ranma x Ryoga
    Rinne x Tsubasa

    (Once you start thinking like a fujoshi it’s hard to stop.)

  3. LillianDP says:

    I’ve been completely smitten with a currently unlicensed series called “Doukyuusei.” The couple reflects a lot of common BL tropes (bookish dark-haired kid and the outgoing, rock musician blond), but their relationship is lovely and believable, they deal with some very real-world problems, and the later volumes feature a terrific coming-out scene. It’s actually a lot like Future Lovers set in high school. 🙂

  4. Erinn says:

    My favorite manga couples are

    Dee X Ryo from FAKE
    Florian X Ray from Gorgeous Carat

    My favorite comic couples are


  5. JTabon says:

    Tsutsui Kimihiro x Tetsuo Kaga from Hikaru no Go

    Also there’s a really great couple in the upcoming Wandering Son series that I don’t want to name for fear of spoilers. <_<

  6. judi(togainunochi) says:

    Mine would be Yaichi and Masanosuke from House of Five Leaves. 😀 (Future Lovers would be second)

  7. Caddy C says:

    Hmmm, hard to pick! Awesome topic, too!

    My very first introduction to yaoi manga was FAKE, so the nostalgia factor goes to Dee & Ryo 🙂

    The two that strike me deepest aren’t technically a canon couple, but I love the complicated relationship between Gojyo and Hakkai in the Saiyuki series. They are both screwed up people with screwed up pasts that find great comfort and solace in each other and I think it’s really beautiful 🙂

  8. Khursten says:

    This is hard. I love a lot of BLs and it just…

    I will start with Nakamura Asumiko. I love her namecest pair, Ichikawa Mitsuo in Double Mints. For Yoshinaga Fumi, my favorite is Tamiya and Toudou from Ichigenme, but the running second is her Kinou Nani Tabeta pair is Kenji and Kakei. And Basso… you know how much I love basso and I just completely love her series of BL. Everyone there, honestly, fits my bill.

  9. Erica says:

    Other than Rica and Miho (thanks for that shout-out!) I’d probably have to say Kana and Su-chan from as yet uncollected, unlicensed “Fufu,” about two adult women who live together as wife and wife, to the dismay of the readers of that magazine who only like their Yuri with loli schoolgirls. Minamoto-sensei for the win.

  10. Oliver says:

    Has no one mentioned Katou and Iwaki from Embracing Love? Of course it’s because it was really self-centred, but still great nonetheless.

    Let’s get the licensing campaign going for them (I believe I read a comment by Hikaru Sasahara, CEO of DMP, that it can’t be licensed due to the Youka Nitta tracing scandal).

    Also a shout-out to the couple of Naono Bohra’s “Yokai’s Hunger” from Kitty Media which features a 20-something Oshu with the 50-something Koma for gosh sakes (haven’t seen much of that age gap, but it’s done really cutely, and the older one’s the Uke!!!)

    PS. Let’s hope Nanako from Maria Holic can find her one true love among the phonies.

  11. Oliver says:

    I meant Kanako from Maria Holic

  12. Kimi-Chan says:

    I adore Iwaki and Katou. As for the licensing thing, surely if the offending images were replaced with new drawings, that could be remedied. It could be done on a volume by volume basis! It is not that many that would require replacing..and in the case of the advertisements, at least one saw it as a homage, perhaps they could get permission to use it, with a citation note to the original campaign that inspired it.

    • Oliver says:

      Redrawn Embracing Love from the very beginning? Me likey! Then Katou and Iwaki wouldn’t have such pointy chins like they had in the beginning. I’m sure DMP would jump at the chance to license that.

      As I recall, the offended advertisers weren’t mad or did not sue, am I correct? I believe it was a bit of an overreaction by Nitta when she left Yaoi and subsequently returned (a ‘saving face’ issue).

  13. Kimi-Chan says:

    Well, the whole thing wouldn’t need redrawing, but many mangaka do redraw early vols to update the look upon a reprint..I’d rather see just the offending panels redone if that is all it would take. one sued. They seemed to find it a compliment, one even made a statement that their model was prettier just a legal tangle copyright wise that a waiver or about a dozen or so (at most) redrawn panels would fix.

    • judi(togainunochi) says:

      You are right, no one sued and the quote I remember from the Italian magazine was that “they were flattered”. I hope someone at least rescues Embracing Love, maybe like Kizuna and we can see subsequint volumes

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