Upcoming 8/18/2010

It may not look like there’s any new manga of note on this week’s ComicList, but a lot of the stuff that I mentioned last week is actually shipping this week. Kate (The Manga Critic) Dacey has a handy run-down, and she also has a timeless warning on Japanese comics to avoid. (How could I have forgotten Pretty Face?) And there are a couple of very promising items due for arrival on Wednesday.

Goldilocks and the Seven Squat Bears isn’t from Japan or Korea, the usual sources for books from Yen Press, but it’s been written and illustrated by Émile Bravo, so it’s likely to be very, very good. Bravo brilliantly illustrated My Mommy Is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill, written by Jean Regnaud and published in English by Fanfare/Ponent Mon.

I really enjoyed Aaron Renier’s Spiral-Bound (Top Shelf), and I sometimes find myself wondering when his next book will arrive. The answer is apparently “Wednesday,” thanks to First Second and in the form of The Unsinkable Walker Bean. Here are the details:

“Mild, meek, and a little geeky, Walker is always happiest in his grandfather’s workshop, messing around with his inventions. But when his beloved grandfather is struck by an ancient curse, it falls on Walker to return an accursed pearl skull to the witches who created it—and his path will be strewn with pirates, magical machines, ancient lore, and deadly peril.”

Update: I inexcusably missed this one, but I have to mention the new Vertigo graphic novel Dark Rain because it’s been drawn by the incredibly gifted Simon (Paris) Gane. It’s a thriller set in post-Katrina New Orleans, written by Mat (Incognegro) Johnson. There are some preview pages over at Techland.

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  1. DanielBT says:

    What a coincidence. I just took those French Fractured Fairy Tales out of the library. There’s a certain scene involving the Bears & the Prince where they asked the Prince to kiss the sleeping girl occupying their bedspace. In which he replies, “Embarasez toi? Porquioi?” With my limited French, I hope it’ll be translated as, “Kiss her? What for?”

    It’s strangely reassuring that it’s a Manga company that’s expressing interest in translating European BDs. (Their previous property being a Toxic Planet omnibus)

    It’s good to know that there’ll be more work from the creator of Spiral Bound. Before reading that, it never would’ve occurred to me that in a land of anthropomorphic animals, a Whale could be part of their population. (And as a handicapped teacher, no less!)

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